St Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Co Ltd

St Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Company was formed in 2008 when the Stewart family identified a gap in the market in Fife for an artisan farmhouse cheese. Today, Robert and Jane – together with sons Ben and Adam –  make cheese using milk from their own herd of home bred Friesian Holstein cows .  Unpasteurised milk, heritage cultures and traditional methods – combined with a generous measure of passion – have resulted in an award winning range which includes Anster (a cheshire style cheese aged for 2 months to give a pure white crumbly curd encased in a natural rind); Red Anster (the flavour added ‘sister’ cheese to Anster with added chives and garlic); St Andrews Farmhouse Cheddar (aged for a minimum of 9 months to produce a buttery yellow curd with a full flavoured finish); Smoked Anster (smoked over oak chips) and Smoked St Andrews (smoked over whisky barrel chips).  The cheese is marketed throughout the UK via a network of wholesalers supplying the trade, and also via the online shop.


  • Anster
  • Red Anster
  • St Andrews Farmhouse Cheddar
  • Smoked Anster
  • Whisky barrel smoked St Andrews Cheddar

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Jane Stewart
St Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Company
Falside Farm
Fife KY10 2rt

01557 814040

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St Andrews Farmhouse Cheddar in storage room