Fresh Ball of Buffalo Mozzarella on a slate with salt and basil.

The Buffalo Farm

The Buffalo Farm are the sole producers of Scottish Buffalo Mozzarella & ice cream in Scotland. Situated in the beautiful Kingdom of Fife, our state-of-the-art milking parlour is adjacent to our purpose built dairy where we produce multi award winning Scottish Buffalo Mozzarella using pasteurised milk from our own grass-fed herd and vegetarian rennet. We farm regeneratively and rotationally, relying on natural food waste digestate and manure to grow lush green, nutrient rich grass on which our herd of over 500 water buffalo is free to graze. It’s the deliciously rich & creamy buffalo milk which makes our buffalo farm mozzarella so uniquely Scottish.


  • 125g Buffalo Mozzarella Retail tub
  • 2kg Buffalo Mozzarella Catering tub (16 x 125g)
  • 15g Ciliegine (mozzarella cherries)
  • 1kg Catering Tub (approx. 67 x 15g)

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Steve Mitchell
Boglily Farm Steading
Boglily Road

01592 646 252

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Buffalo Mozzarella Tub