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Highland Fine Cheeses is the home of the award-winning Minger, Morangie Brie and Strathdon Blue. Starting with a batch of Crowdie in the bathtub, the Stone family has been making traditional cheeses since the 1950’s. Today, under the vision of Rory Stone, a man with a passion for ‘smelly little things’, our focus is on mould ripened and washed rind styles, developing world-class creamy cheeses with quirky names like Minger and Fat Cow.

Based in Tain in the northeast of Scotland, our small business operates from the dairy of Blarliath Farm. Once a smallholding with 14 Shorthorn cows and a randy bull called Geordie that would lift the gate and set off to town for a little fun, the Farm is now an industrial estate that no longer paints the picture of rural romance – Rory suggests a stick of dynamite might improve it – but the fermenting and maturing taking place within its old walls remains truly artisan.

We proudly present you with our unique collection of artisan cheeses: Skinny Crowdie, Black Crowdie, Caboc, Morangie Brie, Highland Brie, Highland Camembert, Minger, Fat Cow, Blue Murder, Strathdon Blue and Tain Cheddar.


  • Skinny Crowdie
  • Black Crowdie
  • Caboc
  • Morangie Brie
  • Highland Brie
  • Highland Camembert
  • Minger
  • Fat Cow
  • Blue Murder
  • Strathdon Blue
  • Tain Cheddar

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Highland Fine Cheeses
Blarliath Farm
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