Yester Farm Dairies

Yester Farm Dairies

Yester Farm Dairies is run by husband and wife team Simon and Jackie McCreery, operating alongside the family farm at Yester Mains. Once milking is finished on the farm the milk can be piped straight from the milking parlour to our modern pasteurisation plant and cheese room on-site where we produce an artisan range of soft cheeses, cottage cheese, yoghurts, creme fraiche, soured cream and fiore di latte mozzarella.

Our cows are very important to us so we look after them well. All our cows enjoy time out at grass on the lush East Lothian pastures but they are also fed a nutritionally balanced diet which includes grass or silage (mowed grass), wheat and barley all harvested from our farm. “From farm to fridge” is not just a strapline for us, it is an important part of our ethos and identity. 


  • Set Soured Cream (300g and 2kg)
  • Creme Fraiche (300g and 2kg)
  • Reduced Fat Soft Cheese (300g and 2kg)
  • Luxury Soft Cheese (300g and 2kg)
  • Mozzarella Diced (300g and 2kg)
  • Mozzarella Block (300g and 2kg)
  • Mozzarella Shredded (300g and 2kg)
  • Cottage Cheese (300g and 2kg)
  • Yoghurt Greek Style with Lemon (450g)
  • Yoghurt Greek Style with Honey (450g)
  • Yoghurt Low Fat Natural (500g and 2kg)
  • Yoghurt Whole Milk Natural (500g)
  • Yoghurt Greek Style (450g and 2k)
  • Yoghurt Mixed Berry Whole Milk (450g)

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Jackie McCreery
Yester Mains
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01620 810 998

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Homemade pizza with Yester Farm Dairies Fior di Latte Block Mozzarella